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Neha Mehta
Neha Mehta (32)&nbsp; Aipan artist collective, who despite their age difference are a force to reckon with. Neha was a young artisan-entrepreneurs who was known for her Aipan art and would also teach the artform to others. Through the course of one of these lessons she came to meet Sandhya and was impressed with her resourcefulness, business acumen and professionalism. It became apparent to them that together they could form a synergistic partnership which can help them scale greater heights. <br><br> Apart from being an Aipan artist, Neha is also a dance and a dance instructor, a profession that she has continued after marriage through her registered organisation “Sheila Dance Classes”. Her interest in dance translates into her contemporary Aipan designs which often feature elements from different dance forms. Through her efforts, Neha is financially supporting a family&nbsp;<br><br>
Selected products by Neha Mehta
Aipan Art Thal Posh

Product Code: RBI/APUK/86

₹2,100.00 Ex Tax: ₹2,000.00

Aipan Art Jute Bag

Product Code: RBI/APUK/83

₹368.55 Ex Tax: ₹351.00

Aipan Art Jute Bag

Product Code: RBI/APUK/81

₹210.00 Ex Tax: ₹200.00

Aipan Art Jute Bag

Product Code: RBI/APUK/28

₹368.55 Ex Tax: ₹351.00

Aipan Art Pooja Thali set

Product Code: RBI/APUK/85

₹616.00 Ex Tax: ₹550.00

Aipan Art Tray and Coaster set

Product Code: RBI/APUK/25

₹1,400.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,250.00

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